This is NOT a passive learning experience!

Too often the traditional education system throws theory, rules and exercises at you without any real idea of how these things might be applicable in practice.

When you finally go out into the real world, you find it immensely difficult to articulate yourself when it matters: to use frank, emotional and descriptive language in a flexible and engaging manner.

Our aim is to create a comfortable, laid-back and non-traditional environment for motivated and open-minded individuals to talk openly about a vast array of topics such as life experiences, relationships, music lyrics, poetry, art and literature; the things you love and the things you hate. We firmly believe that the more you engage with others on an emotionally open and passionate level, the stronger the neural pathways will be that will allow you to retain the language for far longer periods of time…….perhaps even indefinitely.

Furthermore, we want you to leave our courses with more than just a feeling of confidence in your ability to express yourself. We want you to feel like you have had an experience; that you have formed connections with interesting individuals that may extend beyond the duration of the course.

Sign up today and join the language revolution.





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